Veronica Mars - LoVe (suggested by amazingthalata)

When something stops being important to me, my memory gets a little fuzzy. Wait… who are you?

“If I’d have chosen differently, I wouldn’t have met you”

inspiration (x)


About the chemistry between Logan and Veronica.

sieteroses asked: "Hun, you are the one that just left a comment on my LoVe video right??!! the one using the movie footage "Veronica & Logan | In another life [Movie]" :) I´m so glad you liked it!!! can´t get enough of them!! can you imagine when we get the movie? I´m gonna vid the crap out of it lol"

IT WAS YOU??? Ooooooh, I’m such a dumbass !I didn’t even realize it -_-…. well, now you know what a terrible person you are, your video make me feel incredibly nostalgic and melancolic. ahahaha, yes I see that, we have just a few seconds of our ship and several minutes later I see this video of you and I’m just dying, you haven’t wasting your time sweety ! seriously, THIS IS TOO MUCH. I’m sooooo excited. This is gonna be gooood, now I’m sure of that (I have to admit I used to be a little anxious about movies’s quality… but it was before I see the trailer of course). I hope you gonna make one hundred LoVe’s videos ! Ooooh and btw, do you know what is the music used in the trailer??? I search but I don’t found, it’s very frustrating. 

Hello Marshmallows !

I Have a question: Anyone knows what is the musique from the movie’s trailer?

This is too much for me

I don’t want to lose you from my life either

after years of living in sin veronica finally says yes

after years of living in sin veronica finally says yes